My Programming Journey so far...

Part 2.

My first node project was a website for a newsletter. It was very simple, yet extremely frustrating. Angela's documentation differed from mine, and following the instructions from the new documentation led to countless console errors. However, I was able to resolve the issue after searching online and reading through several Udemy replies. After building the website and deploying it on Heroku, I encountered problems sending the user a success html page after they signed up. I sought help on Slack and kept refactoring my code in accordance with the advice I got until a minor issue turned into my code being so unrecognizable that it refused to deploy and kept sending so many errors. I gave up on the project and chose to try a weather website instead because this was absolutely irreparable.

The weather website was more straightforward because it required using api's and providing the search results. After that, Angela's lecture moved on to git and version control, and she gave a thorough explanation of things on git that I had never heard of, such as fork and pull requests. Until the days i learnt about git, i used to upload my files manually and i felt it was stressful so i stacked up my projects for the day that i would be ready to upload them, i wish i didn't do that.

My laptop's touchpad started to malfunction while I was still taking the git lecture and this time I was couldn't fix it. I was unable to use my laptop for days until I snapped one day in anger and banged on the keypads so forcefully that the screen turned hazy and the laptop shut off. I submitted it in to to be repaired after two days and was informed that my ssd was bad and my laptop needed to be formatted. I just broke down in tears there since I knew I was going to lose everything, as I hadn't backed up or saved my projects on github. I had hoped it would start up if I rebooted it or gave it some time, but it didn't and that's how I lost all the projects I had created since i started learning javascript, i was only able to upload some static websites on github before it happened.

When my laptop came back, it felt so new, i had to start downloading everything from the beginning and come to terms with all i had lost, it took a while but i was able to set everything that i needed for a new era. To keep my self motivated, i kept telling myself that it happened for a reason and i would create better and more complex projects after the incident.

It's been 2 months now and I've created 3 more projects namely: todo app on Vue, ecommerce website on Next and a todo app on Node using ejs templates. I don't have it all figured but I'm taking baby steps and allowing myself to take as much time as i need to build projects and learn along.